5 myths about health insurance

5 myths about health insurance and their truth behind it

Health insurance is an insurance product that has always been surrounded by misunderstandings. In particular, a lot of negative feelings are created in our minds unnecessarily due to its various rules and regulations. That is why it is important that all these misconceptions should be eliminated in time.


You have to understand that health insurance is ultimately a type of insurance policy, the main objective of which is to save you and your family from all medical problems and expenses on them. The sooner you become a participant in this insurance scheme, the more the policy benefit will be realized for you.

Let us together examine the five myths related to health insurance and find out how much truth lies in them.

5 myths about health insurance

Myth 1: If you are healthy, there is no need for health insurance

Truth: Although staying healthy is a good habit, but good health cannot completely protect you from unforeseen incidents like serious illnesses and road accidents. Diseases like malaria and dengue can make anyone vulnerable.

Additionally, anyone can suffer serious injuries in road accidents. Whatever may be the disease or accident, treatment of it can cost up to millions of rupees. In any such situation, health insurance can reduce your financial burden to a great extent. That is why taking health insurance is not a voluntary investment for everyone, but a necessary investment.

Myth 2: The health insurance given by the employer is enough for you

Truth: Nowadays many organizations provide cover under Corporate Health Insurance Plan to their employees. But even in this situation you cannot ignore the need for a personal health plan. Health insurance plan given by your company should provide protection to your old parents or other dependents as well, it is not necessary. Additionally, your policy will only be applicable as long as you are working in your current office.

That is why you should take a personal policy cover in every situation. As your age increases, your health will continue to decline, but the prescribed premium amount of the health plan will continue to increase. That is why you should take a personal health plan for yourself and your family as soon as possible.

Myth 3: Smokers are not eligible for health insurance

Truth: According to a survey, about 49 percent of the people who smoke or consume alcohol have a dilemma on whether they are eligible to take health insurance or not. However, such individuals have a high health risk, but are not at all eligible to take health insurance cover.

Rather, all such individuals who consume or smoke alcohol have to pay a slightly higher premium to get health insurance. In addition, they have to undergo some very difficult health tests. Health cover is available after that.

Myth 4: You only get paid when admitted to the hospital

Truth: It is just a misconception that health insurance only covers you in the event of hospitalization after surgery. Nowadays medical science has made so much technological advancement that after many surgeries there is no need to admit the patient. After day-care procedures such as cataract surgery or kidney stone removal, patients can easily return home after a few hours without being hospitalized.

That is why well-known insurers pay you the expenses of day-care procedures along with being admitted to a hospital under your health insurance plan. In addition, some health plans provide you with the expenses related to dental treatment, doctor consultation fees, Ayurvedic and even Unani treatment.

Myth 5: Health insurance is only suitable for saving tax

Truth: Most people in India consider insurance policies as just a means of saving tax, which can sometimes come in handy in an emergency. But it is not right to think so. Health insurance helps you deal with all future medical expenses. At the same time it also gives you huge tax exemption. But investing in any health plan just to save tax can cost you dearly. That is why it is important that you read the policy letter carefully and only after understanding all the conditions related to insurance, choose the health insurance suitable for you.

Health insurance is a highly beneficial insurance product. This not only helps you fight all medical expenses in the long run, but currently also gives you additional benefits like huge tax rebates. But most of the people consider health insurance as a tricky investment, they shirk and make futile assumptions. You should understand that health insurance gives you peace of mind as well as many other amenities. There is a need to adopt this facility by removing all kinds of confusion from your mind.

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