unlock your Chrome book with your Android Phone

How automatically unlock your Chrome book with your Android Phone

There are so many things about the Android devices that have been attracting a lot of people to keep the Android devices with them. Different cellular companies have been introducing the new and the best Smartphones and tablet PCs for the people supporting the Android OS and they all have been working amazingly faster than the other operating systems.

One of the most amazing features of the Android devices is unlocking the Chromebook on these devices. The ‘Smart Lock’ feature on the Chrome OS allows the users to pair up their Chromebook with the Android device that they have automatically when the phone is placed nearby and is unlocked.

You people should follow the following steps to automatically unlock your Chromebook with your Android Phone:

Find and then turn on the Smart Lock:

The users need to follow the following steps for automatically unlocking the Chromebook with their Android phone:

  • Go to the ‘settings’ and then click on the ‘advance settings’ on the Chromebook and then scroll down to the Smart Lock (Beta).
  • After that, click on the turn on button and then a wizard would be fired up for walking the users throughout the process. After that the users must make it sure that their Android phone is handy and is powered on, so that it can be paired up with the Chromebook.
  • After that, they need to click on the blue Find your phone button for pairing up the phone and the Chromebook. The users need to get sure that they have enabled the Bluetooth on the Android device, so the laptop or the PC can find it.
  • Once the Chromebook tracks down the Android device successfully, the users need to click on use this phone button. Then the phone will get a push message for alerting the users for this pairing. The users will also find a notification if they have a Android Wear Smartwatch.
  • Another kind of neat aspect of unlocking the Chromebook is that the Google sync all the capability across any other kind of Chrome devices that the users have. So, if these users have any other kind of the Chromebook, then now it can also be using the Smart Lock for letting the users log in through their Android phone automatically, anytime they want.

However, locking the Chromebook is really very easy as well. it can be done easily by heading to the area of the status that can be found in the lower right corner and then clicking the padlock icon.

Then on the lock screen, the users will find a padlock icon that is next to the password box. If the padlock is green, this means that the Chromebook found that Android device and all the users need to do is click on the green button for signing in and using it on the phone.

This is how it is done and the users can enjoy using the Chromebook easily on their Android devices anytime they want.

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