Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet in simple language

In this article, we have described the advantages and disadvantages of Internet in Hindi. In this debate, we have explained in detail about all the profits and losses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

In today’s modern age, the Internet has made human life very simple and informative. We should thank the Internet and technology because today we are able to connect with the world with the help of this and the knowledge and news of every corner of the world is reaching us.

Internet, business, education, medicine, transportation, schools, colleges, traditional programs, and private life are used in every field. We have also made a video on the advantages and disadvantages of internet which you can see by clicking below.

In the olden days only websites were browsed through the Internet and emails were sent. But in today’s modern era, internet is being used for every technology related work in every region of the world. The Internet has now become a human need.

The Internet has provided more facilities in human life, it is gradually becoming a threat to humans. Today the internet has reached door to door and everyone from child to old is using it. Regardless of whether people are using the Internet as a form of entertainment or for business one should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet.

According to a report dated 30 June 2019, people in China, India, America, Brazil have the highest internet access. Mobile companies or broadband companies provide internet facility in almost all the countries of the world, for which those companies are from their consumers. It takes money according to the data plan fixed. But all those companies get Internet through a world-class organization called Internet Service Provider.

So let’s know about the advantages and disadvantages of internet. What is necessary to know these things as he reads many types of influences in our life.

Benefits or Advantages of Internet in Hindi

1. Online Bill Online Bills

With the help of internet, we can easily pay all our bills sitting at home. On the internet, we can pay all electricity, telephone, DTH, or online shopping bills in a few minutes with the help of credit card or net banking. .

2. Send and receive information

Even if you are sitting in any corner of the world, you can send and receive many types of information or information from one place to another in a few seconds. Today, voice calls, voice messages, emails, video calls can be made on the Internet, and companions can also send a variety of other files.

3. Online office Online office

There are some big companies that allow their employees to work from home via the Internet. There are many online marketing and communication-related companies, whose employees do marketing through the Internet on laptops and mobile phones at home.

4. Online Shopping Online Shopping

Now people do not even need to go to the shop again and again because now you can shop online with the help of internet sitting at home and buy goods at cheap prices without any bargaining. With the help of online shopping website, today you can not only buy goods, but if you want, you can also send gifts to your family and relatives .

5. Business promotion

As we know now internet has made its way into home. That is why through internet you can take your business far ahead if you want . All the big companies of the world are taking help of internet to take their business further. With the help of online advertising , affiliate marketing and website , companies all   over the world are trying to spread their business across the globe through the Internet.

6. Online job information and application

Now it has become very easy to get applications and information for jobs. Now you can easily learn about any job with the help of the job portal website from home and can also apply for the job by visiting their website. .

8. Freelancing Freelancing

Gradually freelancers are growing on the internet who are earning very good money through freelancing . Freelancer means making some money using your skills on the Internet. Today people on the internet are making money sitting at home by creating websites, online surveys, affiliate marketing, blogging, uploading videos to YouTube and many other ways.

9. Entertainment

In this modern era, internet has now become a means of entertainment at home. With the help of internet, we can listen to songs, watch movies and television. Also we can chat with our friends online on social media or social networking website.

Loss or Disadvantages of Internet

1. Waste of time

For those who use the Internet for their office work and for getting information, the Internet is very beneficial but for those who make it their habit without any means, it is nothing but a waste of time . We should use the Internet in a timely manner.

2. Internet is not free Internet is not free

We should take internet connection only when we need it because almost all the internet providing companies charge heavily for internet. If you do not need internet much, you can take a pre-paid internet service with the help of which you can recharge and use the internet whenever you want.

3. Exploitation, Pornography and Violent Images Exploitation and pornography and violent images

The speed of communication on the Internet is very fast. That is why people exploit and take unfair advantage by promoting false propaganda online about any of their enemies or whom they want to discredit. Also, there are many websites on the internet which contain obscene things due to which young children are getting wrong education.

4. Identity theft, hacking, virus and fraud Identity theft, hacking, viruses, and cheating

Do you know about 50-60% of the companies on which you register your account, sell or misuse your personal information. Some people can also hack your important information with the help of internet.

Recently, a ransomware attack took place on many computers around the world , in which many people lost crores. There is a risk of viruses coming to our computer and mobile phones through the Internet, so it is very important to have a good antivirus protection.

5. Spam emails and advertisements Spam emails and Advertisements

By stealing people’s personal information and Email Id from the Internet, many fraudulent companies send false emails from which they defame them. Send only the emails you need. Immediately send or delete unsolicited emails in the list of Spam. Do not buy anything by email link, always go directly to a big shopping website and buy the same.

6. Internet Addiction and Health Effects Internet Addiction & Health Effects

In the world, he is not addicted to alcohol or anything else for the body. There are many people who do not eat or drink without internet. The Internet also has a variety of bad health effects such as weight gain , pain in the feet and hands, eye pain and dryness, carpal tunnel syndrome, mental stress , back pain, etc.

Conclusion Conclusion

In this post, we have given complete information about the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet in very easy words. Use the Internet properly in your needs and work. Do not make it a bad habit and cause health damage.

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